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对外贸易与外贸关系Foreign Trade&ForeignTradeRelationshipTheymainly trade with Japanese firms.
他们主要和日本商行进行贸易。For the pastfive years, we have done a lot of trade with your company.
在过去的五年中,我们与贵国进行了大量的贸易。Our trade is conducted on the basis of equality.
我们是在平等的基础上进行贸易。There has been a slowdown in the wool trade with you.
和你们的羊毛贸易已有所减少。Our foreign trade is continuously expanding.
我们的对外贸易不断发展。Trade in leather has gone up (down) 3%.
皮革贸易上升(下降)了百分之三。Trade in general is improving.贸易情况正在好转。Our company mainly trades in arts and crafts.
我们公司主要经营手工艺品。They are well-known in trade circles.
他们在贸易界很有名望。We trade with people in all countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.
我们在平等互利的基础上和各国人民进行贸易。To respect the local custom of the buying country is one important aspect of China's foreign policy.
尊重买方国家的风俗习惯是我国贸易政策的一个重要方面。Our purpose is to explore the possibilities of developing trade with you.
我们的目的是和你们探讨一下发展贸易的可能性。Words and Phrases
foreign trade
对外贸易overseas trade
海外贸易international trade
国际贸易to trade with
和...进行贸易to do business in a moderate way
做生意稳重to do business in a sincere way
做生意诚恳to make a deal
交易,经营,处理,与...交往to deal in
经营,做生意to explore the possibilities of
探讨...的可能性trade circles
贸易界to handle经营某商品to trade in
经营某商品business scope/frame
经营范围trading firm/house
贸易行,商行 Can we do a barter trade?
咱们能不能做一笔易货贸易呢?Is it still a direct barter trade?
这还算是一种直接的易货贸易吗?If you agree to our proposal of a barter trade, we'll give you paper in exchange for your timber.
如果你方同意我们进行易货贸易的建议,我们将用纸与你们交换木材。Shall we sign a triangle trade agreement?
我们订一个三角贸易协议好吗?A triangle trade can be carried out among the three of us.
我们三方可进行三角贸易。Compensation trade is, in fact, a kind of loan.
补偿贸易实际上是一种信贷。We may agree to do processing trade with you.
我们同意与你们进行来料加工贸易。If you're interested in leasing trade, please let us know.
如果你们有意做租赁贸易,请告诉我们。We wonder whether you do counter trade.
我们不知道你们是否做抵偿贸易。Words and Phrasestrade bycommodities
商品贸易visible trade
有形贸易invisible trade
无形贸易barter trade
易货贸易bilateral trade
双边贸易triangle trade
三角贸易multilateral trade
多边贸易counter trade
对销贸易;抵偿贸易counter purchase
回购贸易compensation trade
补偿贸易processing trade
来料加工贸易assembling trade
来料装配贸易leasing trade
租赁贸易in exchange for
用...交换 agreement贸易协议


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