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1.Your T shirts can find a ready market in the eastern part of our country. 贵国的T恤在我国东部市场很畅销。

2.We all understand that Chinese shippers are very popular in your market on account of their superior quality and competitive price. 我们都知道中国拖鞋因价廉物美而畅销于你方市场。

3.This product has been a best seller for nearly one year. 该货成为畅销货已经将近1年了。

4.There is a good market for these articles. 这些商品畅销。

5.There is a poor market for these articles. 这些商品滞销。

6.There is no market for these articles. 这些商品无销路。

7.Your bicycles find a ready market here. 你们的自行车在此地销路很好。

8.They talked over at great length the matter of how to increase the sale of your products. 他们详细地讨论了怎样增加你方产品的销售。

9.Please furnish us with more information from time to time so that we may find outlets for our stationery. 由于对此货物的需求将不断增加,请提前补充货源。

10.They are doing their utmost to open up an outlet. 他们正在尽最大努力以打开销路。

11.Our demand for this product is steadily on the increase. 我们对该产品的需求正在稳步地增长。

12.We are sure that you can sell more this year according to the marketing conditions at your end. 根据你地的市场情况,我们确信今年你们有望销得更好。

13.Packing has a close bearing on sales. 包装对产品的销路有很大关系。

14.We are trying to find a market for this article. 我们正在努力为此项商品找销路。

15.We regret we cannot find any market for this article. 我们很抱歉不能为此项商品找到销路。

16.According to our experience, these handicrafts can find a ready market in Japan. 根据我们的经验,这些手工艺品在日本销路很好。

17.We can discuss further details when you have a thorough knowledge of the marketing possibilities of our products. 等你们全面了解我们产品销售可能性之后,我们再进一步细谈。

18.According to your estimate, what is the maximum annual turnover you could fulfill? 据你估计,你能完成的最大年销售量是多少呢?

19.The market situation is not known to us. 我们还不了解市场情况。

20.Your market still has great potential. 你们的市场仍有很大潜力。

21.There are only a few unsold pieces. 只有几件商品未售出。

Words and Phrases salable 畅销的

popular 有销路的

find a market 销售

selling line 销路

trial sale, test sale, test market 试销

salable goods 畅销货

popular goods 快货

the best selling line (the best seller) 热门货

to find (have) a ready market 有销路,畅销

to have a strong footing in a market 很有销路

good market 畅销

poor(no) market 滞销

goods that sell well 畅销货

sell like wild fire 畅销,销得很快


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